It is important to get medical attention for eye or eyelid injuries and problems. Eye problems (such as a painful red eye, sty, or vision loss) that are not due to injury may also need urgent medical attention. Eye emergencies can include cuts, scratches, an object in the eye, burns, chemical exposure, and blunt injuries to the eye or eyelid. Certain eye infections and other medical conditions may also need prompt medical care. Since the eye is easily damaged, any of these conditions can lead to vision loss if untreated. Some important signs and symptoms to watch for include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden increase in ocular (eye) pain
  • Sudden blurred or loss of vision
  • Bleeding in or around the eye
  • Trauma
  • Flashes or floaters
  • Photophobia (light sensitivity)
  • Foreign body
  • Redness
  • Abrasions

If you feel your experiencing an ocular emergency please call us immediately at (760) 241-2020 so we can see you as soon as possible We will do what we can to accommodate you for same day services or refer you out if we are unable to see you. We take all PPO insurances. If you have an HMO and still want to be seen in our office, we will go over cash prices with you. Check with your HMO plan to see if they will reimburse you for services rendered and paid for directly. Sometimes they will reimburse a patient for services.